in case you noticed

I’ve sort of quit tumblr. Also my laptop gave me shit, so I left it to be repaired and bought a new one with Windows 8, which is giving me loads more shit with like twenty BSODs, then updating the network driver made it not recognize our WiFi so it’s fucked. Luckily I saved it with System Restore but no driver updates means forever getting BSODs. Apparently. Windows 8: it’s fucked. Don’t even.

I got my original laptop back and it’s in German. And has NO FUCKING PROGRAMS. Honestly for what I paid they could’ve tried harder, or at least saved my firefox bookmarks and PASSWORDS. Instead (I think it was a bribe) they included a free new 600 GB hard drive. So I started smoking again.

*quiet screaming*

To those I follow: I think you’re superfantastisch n I’ll miss your wit. until I come back.

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